WiCAR®: Well connected on the road

Nowadays digital connectivity has spread over all areas of life. We want or need to be reliably connected anytime and anywhere. Not only in the office or at home. But also when we are on the road.

Digital all-round talent

With WiCAR® we bring the digital possibilities and the digital lifestyle to vehicles. Applications include caravans, passenger cars, police cars, rescue services or vans. In combination with our high-performance antennas, we enable secure and reliable communication, untroubled web surfing, comprehensive infotainment, working on the move, GPS tracking and fleet management, security monitoring and much more.

Uncomplicated and reliable

When developing WiCAR® we placed special emphasis on an uncomplicated and reliable solution. With a small, light and easy to install hardware box. With multiple connections and extension options. With high-quality components that nothing can shake and that withstand extreme cold as well as great heat. With a personal MyWiCAR® portal that presents vehicle data in a user-friendly manner and allows for multiple planning and configuration options. With best performance and highest transmission reliability. In short: with equipment features and functions that leave nothing to be desired.

Enjoying all freedoms

Whether you are travelling privately or on business purpose: with WiCAR® you are always well connected and enjoy all freedoms.

  • Multiple standard connections for professional car antennas
  • Performance benefits compared with mobile devices
    • Higher range
    • Faster data transmission
    • Better connection to mobile network
    • Lower radiation in vehicle interior
  • Connection to mobile network through high performance LTE modem
  • Second LTE modem for regions with poor network coverage (combination of two mobile operators)*
  • Upgrade to LTE Advanced for more bandwidth

* WiCAR® 9005.01

  • Reliable WiFi via single and multiple antenna technology (SISO or MIMO respectively)
  • Car passengers can access WiFi inside the car anytime (incl. guest access)
  • Campers benefit on their parking lot from WiFi inside and outside the vehicle
  • On construction sites, outdoor WiFi can be established


  • Media and documents can be saved and opened locally
    • Videos, audio books, handbooks and much more are permanently available
    • Data can be used by several users simultaneously
    • Highly stable data transmission
    • Saves data volume
  • Moreover online access to
    • Information on the Internet
    • Media libraries like ARD, ZDF, TV Now and SAT 1
    • Streaming portals like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Joyn, Sky Ticket and Disney Plus
  • Access to audiovisual media enables comprehensive onboard entertainment
  • At home on the road
    • Establishes encrypted connection to home network
    • Allows retrieval of private data
    • Provides access to smart home applications
  • Mobile work
    • Establishes encrypted connection to corporate network
    • Allows retrieval of business data
  • Uses the most common standards for secure remote access
    • OpenVPN
    • IPSec (needed to access e.g. a FRITZ!Box)
  • Additional security via integrated firewall
  • Single vehicles or whole fleets can be managed conveniently via an online portal (MyWiCAR®)
    • Shows current position
    • Visualises and documents travelled routes
    • Sends alarm and status messages on request
    • Shows connection quality
    • Can be personalised
  • Access to personal MyWiCAR® portal via computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Portal can be hosted in own network or used as cloud solution
  • GPS tracking can be deactivated upon request
  • WiCAR® software is being updated automatically (over-the-air)
  • Provides security functions such as door contact and battery monitoring and individually configurable wake-up function with status report
  • Retrieves vehicle diagnostic data over the so-called CAN bus interface and sends them automatically to the MyWiCAR® portal*
  • Makes current and historic vehicle data available in the MyWiCAR® portal*
    • Speed
    • Rational speed
    • Coolant temperature
    • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
    • And much more

*At extra cost

  • Easy to retrofit
    • Can be installed in all types of vehicles retroactively
    • Delivered with flexible mounting kit
  • Very compact
    • Is smaller than a pocketbook
    • Weighs less than a 10-inch tablet
  • Very robust
    • Made of high-quality components for maximum reliability
    • Works reliably at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C
    • Has a fail-safe operating system
  • Specially designed and approved for vehicles
    • Passenger cars
    • Motor and trailer caravans
    • Trucks, busses and small vans
    • Police and fire-brigade vehicles
    • Rescue services
    • Municipal administration vehicles
    • And much more
  • Different product lines for various needs
  • Technically extendable and future-proof
    • Memory expansion via USB and MicroSD
    • Upgrade to LTE Advanced*
    • Upgrade to 5G**

* All models except WiCAR® 9009.03
** At extra cost

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